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Does Low Sulphite Wine Prevent a Hangover?

Imagine being able to indulge in your favourite Chianti all evening and wake up the next morning feeling fantastic. A far-fetched concept indeed, as enjoying a good bottle of wine is rarely a consequence-free affair. 

But to what extent does the quality of the wine affect the seemingly inevitable after effects?  Could it be that lowering the sulphites in your wine you could be in for a significantly less painful ‘morning after’?

Many discerning wine drinkers are now turning to low sulphite wines, not just to avoid that potential morning headache, but to also enjoy a higher quality of wine, where it is apparent that love and attention have gone into the entire wine-making process.

But will low sulphite wine prevent a hangover?

Low-Sulphite Wine Means No hangover…True or False?

Without beating around the bush, the answer is no – upgrading to low-sulphite wine won’t stop you from getting a hangover. It’s the alcohol in the libations you consume that can make you feel a little off the next day, meaning consumption of any form of alcohol will take its toll on your body.

Nevertheless, there’s evidence to suggest that the lower the sulphite content of the wine, the less intensive its after-effects. This is to do with the fact that what’s referred to as ‘sulphate sensitivity’ is surprisingly common. 

One of the significant symptoms of sulphite sensitivity includes headaches. So for many, while they may attribute that morning after soreness with the alcohol, it may be that the sulphites are the real culprit.  

For others, symptoms can include breathing difficulties, hypertension and an upset stomach.

So while switching to a wine with a lower sulphite content isn’t going to prevent a hangover, there’s a good chance you won’t feel quite as terrible as you otherwise might. 

What About Organic vs Non-Organic Wine?

It’s more or less the same here, too. If you consume two different wines with the same alcohol content in the equal quantities, you’ll be putting the same amount of booze into your body. Nevertheless, it’s entirely likely if one of the wines is organic and the other isn’t, you’ll notice at least some difference with the severity of the hangover.

This is because while organic wines contain nothing but 100% organic ingredients, low-grade non-organic wines can be loaded with a range of additives—some of which aren’t exactly known for being kind to the body, particularly when consumed liberally.

In any case, a hangover is inevitable when consuming alcohol beyond formal recommended daily intake limits. So the only way to prevent a hangover is to ensure you don’t go overboard in the first place!

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