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The Secrets of Good Wine

Here’s a question – why is it that some wines are considered to be so much better than others?  More specifically, what are the secrets behind the most enjoyable, delicious and downright decadent wines money can buy?

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t actually any specific ‘secret’ to good wine. Instead, it’s a case of several critical contributory factors determining the quality of the final product. The ‘Four Pillars’ of superior wine, if you prefer – each playing an equally important role.

Quality varies so much from one wine to the next because not all winemakers demonstrate the same commitment to these four contributory factors. In order to produce a truly world-class wine, each of the following must be considered an equally important priority:

The Best Grapes Make the Best Wine 

Contrary to popular belief, growing the best grapes isn’t all about the type of grape you grow. It’s more about the conditions in which they’re grown. Compare two crops of Barbera grapes grown in diifferent parts of Piemonte region and quality wise, there may be a considerable variance.  

From soil quality to weather conditions to climatic consistency, there’s much that goes into the cultivation of the very best grapes. It’s often said that you can make bad wine with great grapes, but you cannot make good wine with bad grapes – no truer words were ever spoken!

Good Wine Takes Time and Effort

There are also no shortcuts where quality wine production is concerned. Mass-producers who prioritise quantity over quality will almost always cut corners to get the job done as quickly as possible. In terms of both the cultivation of grapes and the actual winemaking process, they’d rather get the job done faster, even if doing so means compromising quality.

By contrast, the very best wines in the world are those that are products of time, effort, pride and dedication. Not merely the kinds of wines produced purely with profits in mind.  

The Winery’s Vision 

On one side of the industry, you have the winemakers that intend to become as large, prosperous and commercially successful as possible. Their goals are primarily financial, founded in a long-term vision of mass-market penetration.

At the opposite end of the scale, you have those who are more interested in their reputation and stature than anything else. These being the kinds of wineries that would instead put out smaller batches of quality wine than millions of bottles of low-grade product. Hence, the vision and mission of the winery will always make its mark on the quality of the wine produced.

Take a look at some of winery we work with to discover how they make great quality Italian wine.

Experience and Expertise 

Last but not least, there’s also much to be said for the experience and expertise of those producing the wines. This is something you cannot simply put a price on, as creating quality wine from scratch is a complex and intricate form of art in its own right.

Some wineries have histories spanning several generations – others emerge practically overnight with no real pedigree to back them up. While of course either can produce a fantastic quality of wine, truly understanding where you wine comes from allows you to make an informed decision when it comes to your favourite tipple.