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Piedmont Whites

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When you think of Piedmont, the first wines that come to mind are red; but the region is rediscovering its old native varieties and producing an increasing number of very interesting white wines. This set introduces you to three.

Erbaluce’s name apparently comes from “alba luce”, dawn light, referring to the pale colour of the grapes and the wine they produce.

Nascetta is an ancient variety that is difficult to grow and fell out of favour, but has been making a come-back over the past ten years or so.

Timorasso used to be one of the two commonest white varieties in Piedmont but was also nearly abandoned. It makes fine, full-bodied, intense wines that age well and accompany food perfectly.

Full price: £46.88

Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG 2017: These Erbaluce vines grow in sandy, stony moraine soil, rich in minerals, which gives the wines acidity and tanginess. Pale yellow with golden highlights, the wine has scents of beeswax, honey, hawthorn and ripe stone fruits. The palate is light with fresh acidity, balanced and soft, making it a good match for sushi, grilled seafood, vegetarian dishes, pasta and pizza.

Nascetta Langhe DOC 2017 Poderi Cellario: this vineyard uses eco-friendly cultivation techniques for its Nascetta vines. They produce a wine that can age well; it has a tropical character with a nutty, jasmine perfume and savoury palate that go well with vegetarian dishes, spaghetti, risotto, seafood, white meat, and light and medium-aged cheeses.

Rugiada del Mattino Colli Tortonesi DOC 2016: made from Timorasso. Straw-yellow in colour, with a vibrant floral, apple nose and savoury, nutty palate. Serve with vegetarian dishes, spaghetti, risotto, seafood, white meat, or light and medium-aged goat’s cheeses.